2015-08-12No Silver Bullet
2015-10-02Ground Breaking Languages
2015-12-16Simplifying the Chinese Room
2016-11-02VL/HCC 2016 Showpiece
2017-05-05Statistical Analysis of the Voynich Manuscript
2017-06-08UK 2017 General Election Opinion Poll Tracking (Post mortem: 2017-06-10)
2018-03-23Unicode in X11
2018-03-28Principal Component Analysis of Glyphs in Various Languages (updated 2018-05-12)
2018-05-29A Plausible Language Identification for the Voynich Manuscript
2019-07-15Butterfly and Moth Observations at Barnet Environment Centre
2019-11-262019 UK General Election Opinion Polls Kalman Filter (last updated 2019-12-12)


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