MORSE Published paper

From BT Technology Journal 14, 124-132 (1996):

An application of social filtering to movie recommendation

The system described in this paper (MORSE - movie recommendation system) made personalized film recommendations based on what was known about users' film preferences. These were provided to the system by users rating the films they had seen on a numeric scale. MORSE was based on the principle of social filtering. The accuracy of its recommendations improved as more people used the system and as more films were rated by individual users. MORSE ran on BT Laboratories' World Wide Web (WWW) server. A full evaluation, described in this paper, was carried out after over 500 users had rated on average 70 films each. Also described are the motivation behind the development of MORSE, its algorithm, and how it compares and contrasts with related systems.

BTTJ version of paper.

MORSE was my MSc Project and thesis topic. The paper is a distilled version of my thesis.


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